The person who hit the tram in Kony lost his life

The person hit by the tram in Konya lost his life: 47-year-old Hasan Çayırbağ, who was hit by the tram in Konya, lost his life

The accident occurred at 08.45 today, near the central Selçuklu District Istanbul Road Erenkaya tram stop. The tram, under the management of Hasan Çay, 48, who made the Campus-Alaaddin expedition, hit Hasan Çayırbağ, who allegedly landed on the rails suddenly.

Çayırbağ, who was under the tram and whose leg was severed, died at the scene. The body of Çayırbağ, which was under the tram, was removed by firefighters with difficulty, and then taken to Konya Numune Hospital Morgu for autopsy.

Hasan Çay detained tram driver, investigation into the accident continues

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