Road Works on Kayseri Rail Road

Road Works on the Kayseri Rail System Route Continues Quickly: The road work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality on the rail system route between Mimarsinan Junction and İldem continues intensely. Focusing in front of Wonderland, the teams work until sahur time to finish the road until Ramadan Feast.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality is trying to extend the network of rail system to make the transportation more comfortable, and on the other hand it re-examines the routes on the route. In the road between Mimarsinan Intersection and İldem, the first floor paving and pedestrian roads were largely completed. Metropolitan Municipality teams of the construction of the construction of the rail system due to the road to the narrowing of the road allowed to work in the regions made expansion work.

In addition to two lane road and sidewalk works on the right and left of the rail system, the intersection study started in front of the Wonderland. Considering that the intersection would be used intensively, a planning was made in this direction. Metropolitan Municipality teams are trying to raise the way to the festival of Ramadan. For this reason, teams work as far as sahura. The infrastructure of day roads is being made and paving is carried out at night.


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