Kars will be the center of trade

Kars will be the center of trade: AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan, Kars said that the last 5 has undergone significant changes over the years.

Member of Parliament Ahmet Arslan, in the past in terms of municipality and government in the meaning of Kars nothing is done, almost as a view of the village of Kars, the AK Party ruled that the front of Kars opened and both the central government and municipalities in the sense of many projects in the city today implemented, he said. .

Deputy Ahmet Arslan said that Kars will not be a city of emigration, but a city that grows rapidly and receives immigration from now on.

AK Party Deputy Ahmet Arslan, who pointed out to the fact that the works of numerous projects ranging from modern airport terminal in Kars to hospitals, roads to sidewalks, infrastructure to urban design and urban transformation projects were carried out simultaneously; Iyor Kars is developing rapidly. It's faster than the outside. Because when you step into Kars, something is being done on all sides. The city is almost completely reconstructed. Kars saw the investments it did not see in the past period of the AK Party. With the AK Party ruling, Kars has changed a lot. He continues to change, Değiş he said.


As the projects began to emerge in Kars, Ahmet Arslan stated that peace began to escape. Dır The important thing is to do to Kars. Now what the municipality is doing is obvious. The municipality has really done some very important things. From infrastructure to superstructure. But they don't seem to be under ground. Or not to be seen by someone. But we know very well what we do. Karslılarında is aware of this. The projects initiated by our government, the projects of our municipality, we will see that many things have changed in Kars when these are completed. I would like to get the services I want from my Karslılar. Let them be made for them. Onlar

The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, the completion of Kars and Logistics Center deputy Ahmet Arslan stating there would be economic sense in Kars trade center with the realization of Kars in the near future, the region and Turkey's logistics base would be and where thousands of people would eat bread, he added.

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