Construction of the Şemikler Pass of İZBAN Line stopped


İZBAN line Şemikler gate construction stopped: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality started to work eight months ago Karşıyaka The contractor company, which makes the pedestrian underpass under the İZBAN line in Şemikler, has left the business. The company presented the report “no project yapı received from the university as a justification. When the municipality insisted on the same project as the tender, things were blocked. The contractor firm Yörük Construction Owner Ahmet Yörük said, olursa If there is an accident, who will pay for it? Without the bored piling system, we cannot pass under the rails. ” The company also applied to the court for the annulment of the contract, preventing the burning of collateral.

Metropolitan Municipality began to work after reactions, actions and road closure decisions from the people of the region. Karşıyaka Şemikler Pedestrian Underpass Project stopped.

Yörükoğlu Construction, which was projected with 1 million 698 thousand TL, was not able to complete the works due to various reasons during the tender period. While 6 was filling in July, the municipality in addition gave 65 days. The company, which only works on the canal, electrical and natural gas works at the Şemikler Square, which was converted to the construction site, could only shoot the 70 of the bored piles. The 40 meter tunnel, which is still difficult and dangerous, has never been entered under the rails. Citizens in the region rebelled when the time after the correspondence between the company and the municipality ended.

Upon the request of the contractor firm, Istanbul Technical University and Ege University expert report was received. In the Ünivers Geotechnical ile evaluation report taken from the university, it was stated that the system could not work with the current project.

Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Engineering Department Faculty Member Dr. In the report written by Ayfer Erken, the esi bored pile enj system was compared with the da jet grout in system which was made by injecting concrete into the soil. Early on, the municipality's project underlined that it is dangerous. In his Early Report, which is also a faculty member at the ITU Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Institute, he outlined eight items.

In the early report, demiryolu As the rail suspension system will be transferred to the jet grout columns and the train loads causing repetitive load effects will be transferred to the eli jet grout isi columns during the manufacturing to be performed under the line, these jet grout productions are not temporary maintenance. It is not suitable to use jet grout applications under dynamic loads caused by horizontal loads and train loads. In the project, profiles are placed against vertical loads in jet grout columns. The jet grout columns to be applied under the JBK pass by the rails in the pedestrian underpass remain in the liquefaction zone. In the event of liquefaction, the system should be waited. . The implementation of the bored pile system, which will cause robustness in the ground instead of jet grout system in the railway crossings, is necessary in order to prevent the damage caused by earthquakes during the earthquakes em.

Ege University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Department of Geotechnics Assoc. Dr. In the report bearing the signature of Recep Yılmaz, una The excavations to be carried out under the railway route are much more appropriate and necessary to be constructed as 'Reinforced Bored Piles' sitting on the elevation of -21 meters. "Jet grout" piles with 60 centimeters and 12 meters that are planned in the pedestrian underpass area should be placed at the elevation of -21 meters, so 15 meters should be built. "

The contractor company sent the report from two universities to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at different times. The company said that the project will not be healthy in this way and that the security of life and property will be jeopardized. In this way if the work of the 160 thousand people carrying the trains on the road will cause problems, said accidents will occur. The firm did not receive a response to the proposal to de change the project Fir. The municipality emphasized that the project written in the tender specifications will not be revised in the articles written to the company. The company sent to the municipality natural gas, water lines, electricity connections and sewerage system in the plan given to them said. He also noted that there were problems in excavation work and that this would cause a waste of time.

When the Yoruk construction failed to draw a conclusion from the correspondence with the municipality, it took measures to prevent the bidding from being banned. The Firm applied to the Civil Court of First Instance. . There is a difference between the project in the tender and the project we are working with. We are facing a situation contrary to the General Technical Specification of the Construction Works. At no time, the 154 bin volt high, 37 bin 500 volt medium voltage line is out. Although we presented an alternative project, it was not accepted Alternatif. The court examined the application of the company and prevented the seizure and confiscation of 101 thousand TL collateral by the municipality. The court annotated the letter of guarantee to the company in favor of the company. The municipality will not be able to seize the guarantee even if the contract is terminated. On the other hand, Yörükoğlu demanded the termination of the contract or the correction of the project. The court also wrote to the municipality and asked about the latest situation.

Metropolitan Municipality, after the tender TCDD 3. He applied to the Regional Directorate and asked for the permission to pass the rails. TCDD, the railway line is working intensively, the project will be a problem after the expression of the expression 'do revise' he said. After the correspondence between the Municipality and TCDD, the permit came a month before the end of the tender last month. TCDD, while passing under the line of responsibility for the danger of passing 'conditional confirmation' gave. TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay and Yol ServiscMüdürü Başbuğ Barbaros Temel sent the letter to the municipality.

Contractor Company Yörük Construction owner Ahmet Yörük accused the municipality. Yörük said, Y It is impossible for us to work in this way. Many of our requests were not answered. We've been struggling for months. They even refused to dismantle the trees in the area. We've waited even days for him. As a company, we cannot say 'pass by'. If there's an accident here, people die, who's responsible for it. The law makes not only the person who did the job, but the person who did it. This is the first time I've seen and lived in 37 years of work. We can't tell anyone our troubles. There will be a disaster. How do we do the job that science sees as 'no'? We have sent the reports and all correspondence instantly when needed. After this time, it's impossible to work. We will wait for the outcome of the court u. Yoruk added that there is a loss of close to 30 thousand TL per day.

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