Here's 3. Replaced route of the bridge

Here is the changed route of the 3rd Bridge: The plan of the 3rd bridge to be built in Istanbul and the roads connected to it has changed. Accordingly, changes were made in four points of the plan.

Project 4 has been modified
There will be 10 lanes on the bridge, 8 lanes for vehicles, and 2 lanes to train as well.
Ankara- Halkalı high-speed train line crosses the bridge
3 dollars + VAT will be charged for the cars that will use the bridge.

The change made on the route of the 3rd bridge to be built in Istanbul was on the agenda last week. The plan of the change made on the Northern Marmara Motorway connected to the 3rd bridge was seized. According to the news in Dunya Newspaper, starting from ISTOÇ in Mahmutbey, heading north from Odayeri to the east and reaching the Anatolian side with the bridge built between Garipçe and Poyrazköy, from that to Reşadiye in the south and to Paşaköy in the south, In the west, changes were made in 4 points of the project, which extends to Çamlık.

Officials from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications suggested that the project was paying attention to three important points in the route selection. Accordingly, the forests and the Fatih Forests were not damaged, the road was pulled to a point in the north and was taken out of the forest area.

Ministry officials, the natural structure, dams and ponds and basins to prevent damage to the number of viaducts increased, he argued. With the change, in one direction, 15 37 a mile viaduct in the other direction, 30 kilometers and 74 grain viaducts emphasizing the planned, the authorities noted that half of the total 30 kilometer road crossed the viaduct. Authorities say, götür It's an expensive system to drive the viaduct. Why do we prefer this? Nature is not destroyed, our basins, water resources are not damaged, for this we show diligence hav defense.

The world's largest bridge

3 on the other hand. There will be 10 lanes on the bridge, 8 lanes for vehicles, and 2 lanes to train as well. Transit shall be made of this bridge. Particularly load-carrying trucks and trucks will cross this bridge. The bridge will be the world's largest bridge with 59 meters. (The other two bridges 40'ar meter wide). The other end of the bridge in Poyrazköy and the other in Sarıyer Garipçe is a thousand 875 meters.

Thousand 875 meter suspension bridge

The project includes a suspension bridge with a total length of about one thousand 875 m. High speed train line will be constructed in parallel with the highway.
The high-speed train line will be connected to the high-speed train line in Köseköy. So Ankara- Halkalı 3 high speed train line. He'il cross the bridge. The third bridge to be installed in the Bosphorus, which is planned to be completed in 2015, will be integrated with the Northern Marmara Motorway and will be transferred to the Garipçe-Poyrazköy line.

Crossing the bridge 3 $

Bridge and motorway tolls with build-operate-transfer method are as follows:

3 dollars + VAT will be charged for the cars that will use the bridge. For large vehicles, the toll will change. In determining the tolls of large vehicles, the number of axles will be considered. The number of axles will be multiplied by a certain coefficient and the tolls will be determined.

Automobiles will also be charged at 8 cents per kilometer (dollar).

Tolls will be escalated at the annual inflation rate.

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