Here's 3. Airport name

Here is the name thought for the 3rd Airport: “Come, come back whatever you want” was inspired! It is claimed that Mevlana stands out among the names recommended for the airport.

The third airport project in Istanbul, which is the largest of the mega projects and went out to tender on May 3, was awarded with 22 billion 152 million Euros plus VAT. kazanAn Limak-Cengiz-Mapa-Kolin-Kalyon OGG will implement it.

After the tender, the preparations for the construction started immediately. The given figure was accepted as the largest tender in the history of Turkey. Then there were discussions about whether it was worth that much or not. When the new airport is completed with all its stages, it has the distinction of being the largest airport in the world. kazanwill ache.

According to the news of Money Magazine; to tender kazanThe consortium aims to start construction within a year at the latest. They will open the airport at the end of 2018. While the technical preparations of the tender were going on, the teams were working day and night, on the other hand, ideas were being carried out on the name.

Among many names, the name “Mevlana” came to the fore. This name even went before the state elders as a suggestion. The name of the project will be shared with the public soon. If the name Mevlana is adopted, the famous mysticism says, "Come, come no matter what you are!" His word will be figuratively understood as having a lap on all planes of the world.

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