Istanbul is poor for rails but champion for buses

Istanbul is poor for rails but champion for buses
Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants of Istanbul (ISMMMO) according to the Istanbul Report of Global Numbers, Istanbul, European cities, railway network, number of doctors, internet household access, cinema seat number of indicators such as the back, gasoline, tea, coffee, meat prices in the front row with expensive.

ISMMMO the European Statistics Institute, Eurocost International Economics Intelligence Unit, Turkey Statistical Institute, Turkey Central Bank data for Istanbul based on the report prepared on the basis of, 276 European fourth city where most truck with 686 thousand trucks in stock in the city. In terms of the number of buses, 115 is in the first case with a thousand buses.

The most expensive 14 city
According to the report, 1.5 is the last of the 174 European Union city-region in terms of rail transport length per hundred thousand people. In terms of motorway density with a motorway length measure per thousand square kilometers, the 294 city of 73 in 200. In the case. The length of the rail transport for the 3.6 city region, which is composed of the European Union and candidate countries, is the XNUMX of the motorways, while the length of the Istanbul motorway is almost the same as the rail transportation network.
Istanbul, Europe's most expensive 14. In the case of the city. According to the report, the number of cinema seats per Istanbul in Istanbul 334 307. Ranked.

Left behind in internet and health
In terms of access to the Internet, 57 is the 174 of 150 and 100. ranks. 228, which is at the forefront of Istanbul health indicators, takes its place in the last place in terms of the number of doctors per thousand people. 190 100 according to this variable in the statistical region. 199 in Istanbul, the number of doctors per thousand people XNUMX.

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