Why did the train crash in Spain

Why did the train crash in Spain: the train crash in Spain, the investigation teams, the train should be caused by the 2 more than the speed of the corner has entered the corner.

In a train crash in Spain, where 80 died, investigators focused on the train's derailment of the 2, which would have caused the train to derail at a faster speed. 52 is expected to receive the first statement on the day of the mechanic.

Another issue that is expected to be clarified is whether there is an automatic security system on the railway line that brakes the speed of the train and if so, why not.

The injured mechanic who survived the accident 30 has been working for the Spanish railways RENFE for years and 10 was reported to have over the year as a mechanic experience. The machine in question in the accident occurred in the Madrid-Santiago line for one year said that the expedition. The mechanic is currently under police control at the hospital. No explanation has yet been made on the condition of the mechanic.

32 is in critical condition

80 people died in the accident occurred in the evening. 13 is still working to determine the identity of the body. 95 was hospitalized and 4 was a child.

According to reports in the media, the train entered 80 km / h at maximum speed limit 190 km / h. The railroads weighing tons of weight hit the high concrete wall at the railroad. The giant crane was completely unloaded on Friday and opened again for rail transportation.


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