Investigation into the accident of a high-speed train engineer in Spain (Video)

Investigator in Spain about the high speed train engineer opened an investigation: In Spain, the 80 person who lost his life because of the high-speed train accident injured mechanic and assistant investigator launched an investigation.

The Spanish media reported messages shared by socialist Francisco Jose Garzon Amo on social media. Engineer Amo, 200'e last year, took a photograph of the speedometer, 'I'm more speed in the limit I get a penalty' issued with the message. Making the comments of the engineer's friends 'make brakes slow' warnings found.

Just before the accident, one of the mechanics called the railroads, '190 per hour, we're going to speed, we're going to derailment' is claimed. In the phone call made immediately after the accident, the mechanic argued that "I hope there is no loss of life, or my conscience will disappear".

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