President of İMO Şahin: The ropeway system should meet in the city center

President of İMO Şahin: The rail system and ropeway to meet in a meeting place in the city center.
Sahin defending the need to open the front of tourism and trade structures, the new attraction center of the city as a chance to see the road today, although both in the strategy plan prepared in 1998, as well as the vision in this period, the vision of the repeated tourist city, a simple bit recommendation for the target city features.
First of all, he underlines:
Gesi Uludağ is the most important region of the city for tourism. But we sacrificed our mountain to the wrong building. Now we have the chance to live. There should never be any construction in the area where the ski slopes are. Kayak
Noting that there is no construction in the major ski resorts in the world, so that the city center may become more functional in the city center, he said.
Then he pointed out:
Olan Reflecting the cable car which is the symbol of Uludağ. But the starting point of the ropeway is both in terms of transportation and for those who will be using that line and the urban route is not suitable. Tel
It raised a proposal that should be considered:
Toplanma In line with the new tourism targets of Bursa, it is necessary to bring the ropeway to the ropeway in the city center. Moreover, the new system of the cable car is suitable for this. Elik
Location also suggested:
Meydan To me, this is the most suitable place for the job, after the collapse of Ataturk Stadium, the challenge is to be made instead. Having a tram at that point also increases the attractiveness. O
He added:
Ası Similarly, Merinos Park can be the meeting point of the ropeway with the cable car. “

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