IETT will carry train passengers

IETT will carry train passengers
IETT, Pendik ve Sogutlucesme ı increased the number of buses and voyages for passengers using the Haydarpasa commuter train line.
After the Pendik – Söğütlüçeşme – Haydarpaşa suburban train line was closed as part of the Marmaray Project renovation works on June 19, 2013, the number of buses and trips were increased by reinforcing the existing lines of IETT, which served on this route. Before the suburban line was closed, a total of 15 vehicles and 91 expeditions were provided around the railway, while the number of vehicles was increased to 506 by increasing 25 more within the scope of the arrangements made with the closing of the suburban line.

With the new arrangement, the number of flights increased to 570. IETT also made some arrangements to provide suburban passengers with alternative transportation opportunities. According to this; Gebze-Pendik line 17B has been postponed to Kartal Metro Station via Yunus coastal road, following Pendik Train Station, which is its last stop. The new name of the line was 17B Gebze-Kartal Metro. The departure stop of the line number KM20 was taken to the Pendik platform area and following Pendik Train Station, the route was changed to reach Kartal Metro Station via Topselvi. The new name of the line was KM20 Pendik-Kartal Metro.

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