Death on the speed train

Speed ​​train death: A woman in the United States died as a result of an accident on the roller coaster.

According to a statement from the famous US amusement park 'Six Flags', a woman died on Friday in a train accident.

While the details of the incident in the state of Texas were not disclosed, the park officials stopped the high-speed train to ensure the safety of visitors, employees and conduct an investigation. A witness told USA Today that the safety lock was unlocked as the train went down and the woman fell and died.

The Texas Giant train was made entirely of wood and opened for the first time in 1990. At 2011, the high-speed train was rebuilt with steel rails. The highest point of the structure, the highest steel-hybrid train in the world, is the 50 meter, while the passengers are dropping down from the 47 meter height, CNN reports.

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