Fast Train Will Rival Third Airport

High Speed ​​Train Will Rival to Third Airport: According to the research of BETAM, it was emphasized that the new airport will not have a serious competitor in air transportation as it will be the only airport on the European side of Istanbul if Atatürk Airport is closed, as predicted when it starts to operate. Turkey on flights from short and ongoing high-speed train investments being away from the airports to the center (3 hours riding the expectations of the journey at the Istanbul-Ankara line), especially some domestic flights in the indicated his major competitor against air transport research, Istanbul-air transport of passengers in Ankara line It was noted that the airline companies may prefer the train route instead, and this may cause passenger losses on the Istanbul-Ankara line, which has the highest occupancy rate on domestic flights. In the research, it was stated that we should not forget the new highway plans such as the Izmir-Istanbul highway project, and that the highway can also be considered as an alternative to the airline in a short distance.

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