Two freight trains collided head-on in Gaziantep

Two freight trains collided head-on in Gaziantep: In Gaziantep's İslahiye District, TCDD's freight train numbered 53048 and the road maintenance train numbered 65564 collided head-on.

In the accident, a large number of wagons were derailed from the rails, while the maintenance worker Mustafa Celik was slightly injured.

The accident occurred in the afternoon at the 15th kilometer of the İslahiye-Nurdağı railway in the area of ​​Karaburçlu village. The road balance train under the management of Adem Kaplan and Mehmet Çiçek, which made road material casting work on the same route with the iron-loaded train number 53048 under the administration of Canani Ersoy and Harun Kuşçu, who made the İskenderun-Malatya expedition, collided head-on due to the communication error. As many wagons derailed due to the impact of the collision, the trains turned into iron piles.

In the accident that caused the railway to close to transportation, Mustafa Çelik, who was in charge of the maintenance train, was slightly injured. Wounded Çelik was taken to Nurdağı State Hospital by ambulance. It was reported that Çelik was in good health. TCDD teams started work to remove the derailed wagons and reopen the railway.

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