An invitation from Ergüney to invest in Erzurum

An invitation to invest in Erzurum from Ergüney: Erzurum First Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) Chairman Zafer Ergüney invited businessmen and industrialists to invest in Erzurum, stating that attractive opportunities were created for the private sector as a result of public investments in the city.

Victory Ergüney, said that economic investment in the direction of Turkey's Erzurum one of the attractions. Ergüney stated that with the completion of the Ovit Tunnel, it will be an hour and a half away from Erzurum's closest port city. Ergüney also noted that by establishing the Kartsan connection of Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway to Erzurum, the city will become one of the national and international economic centers of attraction.

Ergüney pointed out that the logistics village project, the construction of which was started next to the OIZ and planned to be completed next year, will add significant value to the city, and emphasized that these conditions will increase the appetite of investors.

Ergüney invited local and foreign investors to invest in Erzurum together with businessmen who had migrated or had been excluded from the city in the previous years. “As a result of the public investments made in Erzurum in recent years, Ergüney is among the most attractive cities where the private sector will invest. Due to the start of the Ovit Tunnel and the completion of it in the near future, the distance between Erzurum and Rize will decrease to 100-150km and the port will be reached within an hour and a half from Erzurum. Due to the start of Kars Tbilisi Baku Railway construction and the connection to Kartsan Erzurum, Erzurum will be connected to the Central Asian republics through the railroad network, as well as a railway network with neighboring countries. The Logistics Village Project, which is being built right next to our Organized Industrial Zone, will be completed in 2014. With this project, led by DDY, warehouses, warehouses, container storage areas, cold storage, parking loading and unloading areas, combine transportation systems, customs clearance procedures will be carried out and the road connection will pass through our organized industry.
On the other side of our region, the E-80 highway passes and there is a distance of 5 kilometers to the airport. ” he spoke.

Pointing out that one of the important needs of investors is both the supply of raw materials and the need for transportation at the point of marketing, Ergüney said: “Today, Erzurum is happy to have all the means of transportation in the world. Considering these, highway, airline, railway and seaways, Erzurum comes to the fore as the most attractive city to invest in the East. While we invite our investors who migrated from our city in previous years to invest especially due to emotional ties, we now invite all our industrialists and businessmen to invest in Erzurum, including Erzurum's most important province to invest in, including our businessmen who migrated from Erzurum.

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