Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı expert witness to the case of TCDD said

Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı expert witness to the case of TCDD TCDD: Feneryolu railway station, who died while trying to place his baby on the train Ilıcalı expert witness in the report prepared by the TCDD and the mother 'is completely flawless' wrote
KadıköyIn the case regarding the death of Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı, who died between the platform and the train in Istanbul, the expert found TCDD to be imperfect. For the deceased Ilıcal, who died while trying to put the baby in the train, the expert determined that “he acted with the excitement and responsibility of being a mother and it was concluded that he was not defective”.

He was away
Feneryolu Train Station 11 July 2012 was the scene of a catastrophic accident. Ekan Gültekin Ilıcalı, a lecturer at Okan University, placed his 4 son Ege in a wagon and then moved to the train door with a baby carriage. Ilıcalı outside the door on the baby car as the door suddenly closed, while trying to open the door as a result of the movement of the train died perona. After a full 1 year from this painful accident, Ilıcalı's relatives and friends met at that station again the day before. Relatives of Ilıcalı, who left the flowers at the station, said in a statement that all officials responsible for the incident would fight until they were punished and criticized the Ministry for not conducting an investigation into TCDD officials.

The doors of the train are against TSE

On the other hand, the expert report prepared after the discovery at the scene was also presented to the court yesterday. The expert delegation stated that the main defect was in the operation of TCDD, while the conductor and mechanic emphasized the secondary defect. In the report, to prevent the movement of the train 3 cm'a large objects in the door to be stuck by the TSE is predicted by the door, but the baby car trolley closed the doors of the train despite the movement was specified. Conductor Süleyman Uğur and machinist Abdullah Çiğdem also stated that they did not fulfill their duties.

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