East of Bursa is counting days for rail system transportation (Photo Gallery)

The east of Bursa is counting days for the rail system transportation: While the rail laying works in Bursaray Kestel Line, which was designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to bring uninterrupted and comfortable transportation with the east of the city, is completed to a large extent, while the fine workmanship in the stations continues rapidly. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who examined the on-site works at the stations, said that they want to include the completed stations in the system gradually and bring comfortable transportation to Kestel this year.

The 7-stop 8-kilometer Bursaray Kestel Line, which aims to solve the transportation problem in Bursa with rail system investments and is not in the program in this direction, continues to work rapidly. Within the scope of the project, which includes 7 level stations, two crossroads, Esenevler and Kestel, the renovation of Hacıvat, Balıklı and Deliçay Bridges and three transformer buildings, rail laying works have been completed to a great extent. While the manufacturing progress in the first six stations where disabled elevators and escalators are located for disabled citizens exceeds 85 percent, finishing works and electrical-mechanical installation works continue.

Target finish within the year

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe, with his accompanying Secretary General Seyfettin Avşar, Deputy Secretary General Bayram Vardar and Mustafa Altın, and the related department chiefs examined the works on site. President Altepe, following the ongoing works at Fidyekızık and Şirinevler stations, stated that the works have come to an end and that they will bring modern and comfortable transportation together with Kestel this year. Stating that the station transition connections have been completed and there is no obstacle to disrupt the traffic on the highway, President Altepe said that the fine workmanship continues in the station buildings and these works will be completed in a short time. Stating that the station buildings are not lacking from the stations in the west in terms of quality and comfort, President Altepe said, “We provided all kinds of comfort for our people with our disabled elevators and escalators. We continue our work day and night. We will gradually include our completed stations in the system. "With the work we aim to complete this year, our people will now be able to reach the city center from Kestel and the university without interruption."

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