Eastern Black Sea Vision Project Logistics Center

The vision project of the Eastern Black Sea is logistic center: Çetin Oktay Kalkan, the Secretary General of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) under the Ministry of Development, will provide the logistics center to be established in the Eastern Black Sea region to the Caucasus, Iran, the Russian Federation, Turkic Republics and by sea. He said it would have a large hinterland that would connect certain parts of Europe. Pavement, AA correspondent, in Turkey in recent years, as in many areas of logistics, he said the rapid planning period entered. Turkey's logistics, hence exports, the logistics of increasing the competitiveness of national and local scale is dependent on the development of the project that expresses the sidewalk, he continued: "land, sea, added value used in international goods transport and production of goods with rail and air network of high economic centers defined as logistics centers, contain many structures within its structure.

The structures in a qualified logistics center are listed as licensed warehouses, distribution centers, transportation type lines, packaging facilities, transfer terminals, customs administrations, social facilities and service areas for suppliers. As can be seen in successful examples around the world, the efficient and productive operation of the logistics center depends entirely on the harmonious and time-saving operation of the considered structures. " Pavement emphasized that the Eastern Black Sea has a deep transportation culture from the past and continued as follows: “At the arrival point of the historical Silk Road to Anatolia, it is the closest route to the Black Sea and continues to Europe via the Black Sea. It has been one of the important gates of the trade movement.

Thus, the culture of trade and transportation has become widespread in the cities of the region and the regional merchants have become known for their trade and transportation competence. In addition to the important road connections in order to eliminate the missing infrastructures in time, the region has acquired many sea transportation infrastructures. Despite the privatization of all seaports as of the early 2000s, the realization of new road infrastructure projects at international standards, and the increase in air transport investments, due to some cyclical reasons, regional transportation did not show the expected development contrary to the socio-economic development in the provinces of the region. In the provinces of the region, where the geographical structure of the region prevents industrial investments, emphasis has been placed on the development of the service sector in recent years. - "The logistics center will provide employment for approximately 2 thousand people in the medium term" Noting that DOKA has been focusing on tourism and logistics since the day it was founded, Kaldirim said: In addition, it contributes to transforming strategic advantages such as being an important transit point in the Black Sea trade between Asia-Europe as the most eastern part of Europe, and making the provinces of the region to the targeted point in line with the economic targets of our country for 2023. The development of transport infrastructure until 2023 and Turkey's across the country to have a logistics country aims to establish a logistics center.

Since the day it was founded, DOKA has been working intensively in the field of logistics with the support and joint efforts of the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations. For this purpose, firstly, the existing logistics sector and infrastructure in the region were examined, data were collected, local and national meetings and promotions were made, study trips to domestic and international sample logistics centers were organized, analysis and reports were prepared, and master plan and feasibility studies were completed. As a result of the studies, the establishment of a logistics center in the region has been accepted both locally and centrally and will soon be implemented. " -Kadım, which will provide employment for two thousand people, stated that the logistics center was accepted as an indispensable project for the economy of the region at the point reached, “In addition to the completion of large-scale investments and projects such as Ovit, Cankurtaran, Zigana crossings, railway, Ordu-Giresun Airport, the logistics center With the transition, the transportation and logistics infrastructure of the region will be completed.

It is foreseen that the increase in accessibility, the acceleration of rapid development in industry and trade, logistics, tourism, education, health and similar fields, which are among the components of transportation, will be caught ”. Stating that the possible logistics center to be established will provide employment for approximately 2 thousand people in the medium term, Kalim said: “It creates an economic value of 2 billion Euros within the European examples, reduces production costs, makes the region an economic attraction center and contributes to companies in terms of speed, efficiency and time savings. is designed. The logistics center to be established in the region has a large hinterland that will connect the Eastern Black Sea Region to the Caucasus, Iran, Russian Federation, Turkic Republics and certain regions of Europe by sea.

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