Den Bosch train cancellation

Den Bosch train cancellation
Those who want to go to Den Bosh by train pay attention to this news. Today trains to the city were canceled.
According to the statement made by the Dutch Railways company NS; All train connections to Den Bosch will be stopped later this afternoon. The time will start after the 12 will be canceled from the city in the direction of Endhoven and Tilburg flights.

NS said that works for the renewal of the railways in the city for a while, today, a significant connection location will be repaired, so that the entry and exit routes to the city was canceled.

In recent days, the northern part of the city's railway lines are renewed by the transfer of the NS officer, as well as the new concrete bridge to expand the line is also completed, he said.

Buses between Utrecht- Den Bosch and Nijmegen-Denboch were set up so that the passengers would not fall victim to the situation.

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