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Let's not park the railway: it is also a way to increase the parks instead of reducing. Sometimes an old railway line can be a wonderful park despite rusty rails. I mean, it's a story of being a beauty queen from ducklings.

In big cities, in the middle of so many buildings, children need a place to match the soda. After all, although they can't vote, street childhood is like politics! You will choose your team well. Even children know that the street is a kind of assembly. There is a place to play a match in New York. Although not more than London, they also create green spaces. If we look at that famous Central Park and say, "This is artificial dear," we would be struck. 843 acres… However, parks are not enough for New Yorkers either. An old railway line has been turned into a park with private initiatives.

The city rail line, Highline, built in the 1930s, was used until the 1980s. However, the people prevented the destruction decision. The non-governmental organization Friends of Highline was established and a campaign was launched to transform this place into a park. Thus, the first steps of a floating park in the city were taken. In August 1999, Joshua David thought everyone would agree when he went to a meeting in the Chelsea neighborhood. But he was wrong! Joshua David was supported at that meeting, except Robert Hammond. When they gave each other their cards at the end of the meeting, they had not anticipated that they would create their Highline Friends. When Robert Hammond's mother asked his son, "My son, you got off to this job, what are your chances?" At the time, one was a travel writer and the other worked on a website. And they decided to quit their jobs and save the park.

It took the two 10 years to fund the project, obtain permits, and convince the government and local governments. To relieve their tiredness, they wrote the book "Inside the Park Looking to the Sky in New York". Their stories are long, even back to former Mayor Giuliani. “He didn't want this park so much! “Nobody wanted to break the Highline more than him,” Hammond recalls. In fact, two days before handing over his post to Bloomberg, the last document he signed was: "Permission to tear down the Highline".
But Hammond and David's circles are also wide. “We let us know how many artists and gay friends we have. Their word is heard. Both Diane von Furstenberg and actor Edward Norton supported us. Thanks to the financial support of the two, we tried as many legal ways to save Highline! ” The two entrepreneurs guarantee both the government and the municipality: We will turn this place into a park! With the approval of Senator Hillary Clinton, $ 18 million entered the Highline's coffers after this promise.

This park is now like a huge oxygen chamber in Manhattan. It is a train track without traffic lights, but you can walk over the city. The rails stop. Sun loungers on the sides, water fountains that are opened in the summer for children and adults, where you can sit under it and stand for minutes… This place is also used as an open air art gallery. The sculptures inside are not as far and cold as contemporary art. And if you don't get tired of climbing a few stairs, you can reach your destination much faster by walking in the park. Its address is somewhere between West 30th Street and Gansevoort Street; it is impossible not to see the lush green. The last observation of David and Hammond duo is this: "Those who enter this park are holding hands right away, they cannot do this in that crowd below ..."

Old train rails in the park
The campaign launched by two neighborhood activists turned old train tracks into New York's favorite park. The park, visited by 4 million people a year, stretches along the Hudson River. The design of the park is jointly signed by James Corner Field Operations, Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Piet Oudolf. The opening date of Highline Park is 2009. The opening date of the second part is 2011. The length of the Highline railway is 233 kilometers, but the parked and public part is about 2 kilometers. The project will be completed with the third and final chapter to be opened in 2014.

Same project in Istanbul
A similar project to the New York Highline Park project is also in question for Istanbul. According to the project, which Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir recently explained to the press, the railway and metro lines will be underground with the opening of Marmaray. The old suburban line between Yedikule and Sirkeci will be turned into a park and walking path, just like in New York.

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