The Railway Will Come From Harşit Valley… Because

The Railway Will Coming From Harşit Valley ... Because: The Railway Project, which will connect the Black Sea to Anatolia, continues to be on the agenda. reminding the explanation, it continues to justify Giresun / Tirebolu on the railway.

The Black Sea Railway announcements, which flared up after 2008, are still on the agenda. Expectations have risen in the Railway Project, which concerns the region altogether, after the Prime Minister's announcements made by the Prime Minister. All Black Sea public opinion and the provinces related to the route (Rize, Artvin, Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Bayburt and Giresun) were delighted with this good news. The dreams of the 150-year-old Railway were revived and Railway Platforms were established in these provinces.

Media and Press organs were struggling to get a statement from the authorities and each province was making calculations to get a clue about the route.It is precisely in these periods of time that the most concrete and clear statement awaited by the region is Faruk Özak, the Minister of Public Works and Settlement from Trabzon, who will come to Trabzon via Erzincan. It was giving the expected hint for the railway route.


Faruk Özak, a Trabzon deputy The Minister of Public Works and Settlement of the Railway Project, 2009, made statements in March and shared the following information with the media:

Stating that the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway has a cost of 2.5 billion dollars and that this road will be built with state facilities, Özak said, “Before coming to Trabzon, our mayor candidate Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu and our deputy Cevdet Erdöl, we sat with the General Manager of DLH. We laid the railroad on the table. We will definitely go into that. We will definitely start the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway. Transportation will be provided to Erzincan via Tirebolu. A certain slope is caught. We then talked about how we could connect it to Diyarbakır. The cost of this project seems to be 2.5 billion dollars. If it is connected to Diyarbakır, this figure reaches 4.5 billion dollars. Can you do this with a build-operate model? No you can't. We will do this. Because railways always hurt. If we are spending 10 lira on the railways as a state, 3.5 lira will be returned. The state subsidizes it. This is the case in the world. But we will build this railway, ”he said.


Giresun Railway head Sedat Pir stated that in the Railway project, first God and then Science / Geography are next to the Tirebolu line, that is, the Harşit Valley route, and we will endeavor not to lose this historical opportunity.
Stating that Giresun should own this project with all its elected and appointed members, the platform president PİR continued his words as follows:

The railway project that will descend from Harşit Valley to Tirebolu / Giresun is the biggest project we will see. The value of the Railway Project is more expensive than 20 airport projects. The railway project is a project that will bring Giresun to the level between the two big cities. Ş., from now on, we will continue our work with an increasing effort.

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