CevizliBond Metrobus Station is expanding

CevizliThe metrobus station is expanding: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, CevizliBağ will build a 40 meter long and 8 meter wide platform in addition to the existing overpasses at the Metrobus Station.

According to the municipality, CevizliThe application works of the project, which was prepared to provide pedestrian access more comfortable and safe and to reduce the density, will start at 00.00:XNUMX tomorrow.

The project of the project will be carried out by the Directorate of Transport Coordination Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Infrastructure Services Directorate.

In the station used by the transfer center and used by the daily average 35 thousand people, 40 meter-wide 8 meter-wide platform will be built up to the existing overpasses in order to relieve the density of the overpass ladders and turnstiles.

On the new platform, the turnstiles will be moved, and the elevator will be built for the disabled and the elderly. During the 1.90 day-to-day work, the Merter side of the station will be open to service and the Cevizliuse the Topkapi Station instead of Bağ Metrobüs Station, CevizliIt is suggested that passengers coming from Bağ Metro Station will transfer from Topkapı or Zeytinburnu stations.

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