Red Hat to Dispatchers in the Czech Republic

Red Hat to Dispatchers in the Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic, dispatchers are returning to their former lofty looks. The "red hat" has regained its former place after 13 years.

According to current practice, all dispatchers working in the Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) from 1 July will wear red hats again. Few people have had this concession to date, and train traffic watchers wore blue hats.

RIA Deputy Director General stated that the new application is for the passenger benefit in terms of safety. “Passengers will be able to understand exactly who the dispatchers are,” he said.

According to internal service rules, the RIA has two types of movement officers.

1-Movement officers (1400 people) who are still wearing red hats and giving command to the train at central station

2-The remaining dispatchers have the same title, but do not go out for this task, they manage the traffic with the signals they receive directly from the mechanic. In addition, he goes to the platform and watches the train at the departure or arrival of the train. The number of those in this group is around 4.400 people. From July 1, all dispatchers will wear red hats, for this RIA paid 640.000 crowns.

The Operations Officers said "welcome" to the red hat again.

The confusion ended and the corporate logo (RIA) took its place in the uniforms. Employees said they were pleased with this turn and carried the pride of their old uniforms again.

The dispatchers had previously protested a decision regarding the reflective vests they wore for security and the RIA administration reversed the decision.

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