3 Day Power Failure for Tramway Works in Çamlıcada | Eskisehir

3 Day Power Failure due to Tramway Works in Çamlıcada

Our Provincial Directorate of Operations, for the commissioning and subscriber transfer works of the newly established network in and around Çamlıca Mahallesi Gurbet Sokak and its vicinity within the scope of "Tramway Lines Displacement Works" included in the 2013 Investment Program, on 8-9-10 / July / 2013 Monday - Tuesday and Wednesday, 08 Between 00 - 18:00, there will be gradual power cuts in the streets listed below. It is announced to our subscribers in the region.

Things to Do:
A section of Gurbet Street, a part of Dogansehir Street, Dadaloglu Street, Atamturk Street, Waterfalls Street, Yetim Street, Sirinevler Street, Gulcin Street, Healthy Street, Legal Street, Yavuz Bey Street, Gaziler Street, Sumerler Street.

Note: If the works are completed before 18:00, Osmangazi EDAŞ Eskişehir Provincial Operation Directorate is authorized to provide energy.

Source : I www.eskisehirgundem.co

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