With the new cable car line of Bursan

With the new cable car line of the Bursan as a statue to Uludağ: When it is finished, the installation of the new ropeway poles, which will be among the longest fixed ropeway lines in the world with the length of 9, continues.

First ... Turkey's first cable car construction started and was opened in the year 1958 1963. 50 with red wagons was among the symbols of Bursa for the year, adorned postcards sent from Bursa, and it was dismantled in April because it completed its economic life.
According to the old ropeway, there is a new ropeway with significant differences. The new line, the 9 kilometer, puts the Bursa ropeway to the top three of the world's longest fixed ropeway lines.
One time…
From the main station in Teferrüç to the Uludağ Hotels Area, the new cable car will be available in 30 minutes.
From any point of the city to the Sculpture, such as Uludag will go out and thus will gain a position in the city as Uludag.
The old ropeway 30 was carrying passengers with two cars. In the new system there are gondola type cabins with 8 personality. The 175 cabin on the line has the capacity to carry 800 per hour.
In short…
The installation of the new ropeway line, which is much more modern in terms of both the system and the view, is currently underway on the slopes.
Last week, the images reflected in newspapers and TVs, some parts of the land can not be reached by the helicopter, the materials were transported by helicopter, we learned that the assembly.
The direct installation of the cable car line is made by the Swiss company HeliSwiss.

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - www.olay.com.t is



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