Helicopter Assisted Cable Car Installation Started in Uludağ

bursa uludag cable car installation
bursa uludag cable car installation

Bursa Uludağda Helicopter-backed ropeway installation began: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by the 50 year after the renewed ropeway line, weight 4,5 tone of the poles and materials are transported by helicopter and mounted in the air. The team of 30, including the Swedish, Bulgarian, German and Austrian experts led by the Swedes, builds the world's longest non-direct cableway line with the 8 bin 874 meter.

Uludag not only in the winter months, but the 12 month of the year to start the work on the cable car, the Metropolitan Municipality, projected in 1955, 1963 50 working in the year to replace the annual cable car line 8 thousand 874 meters with the world's longest non-direct cable line is building. In the project, which was realized with the build-operate-transfer model, the installation of new poles was started following the dismantling of the existing old lines and poles. The installation of the 24 beam, which was close to the center of the 6 pole between Teferrüç station and the Winding station, was completed and the concrete parts of the sections remaining on the non-passage slopes were completed without dismantling the old ropeway line. In order to install the remaining 18 pole, the company determined to cut a large number of trees in order to prevent the damage to the environment and decided to assemble these poles by helicopter.

Helicopter arrived from Bulgaria

It was agreed with the Swiss company Heliswiss for the transportation and assembly of poles and materials, which were brought to the top of the line, Teferrüç station, which is the first stop of the line, and weighs no more than 4,5 tons. The Swiss company brought the Russian-made helicopter in Bulgaria to Bursa for the construction of the ropeway. A team of 30 people, including experts from Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and Austria, started the erection of poles in the morning. While the materials in the open area at the top of the Teferrüç Station are connected to the helicopter with ropes, the materials transported to the assembly area are mounted without dismantling from the helicopter by the work of the ground crews in that area.

Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. stated that they went to the assembly road from the air instead of cutting trees to make way. Chairman of the Board İlker Cumbul said that they aimed to complete the installation of 18 poles in the section up to Sarıalan within 3 days. Reminding that the first cable car was opened on October 29, 1963, Cumbul said, “We aim to open the first stage of the line up to Sarıalan on October 50, the 23th year of the cable car. We want to finish the second stage up to the Hotels Region until the beginning of the year. ”

Waiting for queue

Mayor Recep Altepe, who watched the installation works on the field with helicopter, said that they are working with Leitner, the most famous company in the world and all the possibilities of technology are used in Bursa. President Altepe said, an We are getting more serial production and saving time. Our new ropeway will increase the capacity 12 and 22 will be able to reach the Hotel Zone from the center in minutes. Thus, we may have used the bed capacity of the hotels in Uludağ not only during winter months but also in summer months. I believe that the new ropeway that will stop the queue waiting will also make significant contributions to Bursa tourism. Sıra



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