Stations at Bursa Cable Car Line are Taking Attention (Photo Gallery)

Stations in Bursa Cable Car Line
The ropeway, which is under construction in Bursa at full speed and will be the longest cable car line in the world when completed, draws attention with the appearance of the stations resembling the space base.

One of Turkey's most important winter tourism centers to provide transportation Uludag new cable car line work was covered in big ways. While the foundation laying of the 25 poles that will provide the connection between Teferrüç and Sarıalan stations was completed, the poles produced in Austria came to Bursa. The masts will be transported by a helicopter from Austria next week and installed at the foundations.

The new ropeway line, which is planned to be put into service on October 29, will create 4.5 kilometers of the existing line, while the 4.2 kilometer section will create a new line to the hotels area. After the completion of the works, the Bursa-Uludağ cable car line will be the longest cable car line in the world. Another feature that will highlight the new cable car line will be its stations. Teferrüç, whose designs were drawn by world-renowned architect Yamaç Korfalı, who was also involved in the preparation of many important projects such as the facilities at the London Olympics, and the construction of Teferrüç, Kadıyayla and Sarıalan stations will have a look like the space base when they are completed. Especially Teferrüç Station will become one of the landmarks of Bursa with its appearance and architectural features. Teferrüç Station is expected to receive awards from many international competitions and announce Bursa's name to the whole world.


Architect Seda Tabanlı from the project team, who gave information about the design and features of the stations, said, “On the ground floor of the Teferrüç Station, which consists of a ground plus a floor, the crowded groups welcoming the passengers line up comfortably, while the toll booths and station entrance have been resolved in a covered entrance courtyard that will prevent them from being affected by the weather conditions. In addition, there are souvenir shops on the ground floor, offices where station management is located, waiting and sitting areas, toilets and warehouse. It was also planned to display materials belonging to the old ropeway line in the waiting hall. Facade openings will be covered with aluminum joinery and laminated glass. The landscaping of the ground floor surroundings will be created with little intervention to the land, without changing the slopes in its natural state. An escalator and an elevator were planned to reach the first floor where the platform is located. Passengers coming to the first floor will start their journey with the cable car from the platform located here. The plain furnished waiting room is designed to accommodate crowded groups. This floor has a cafe and a terrace. The construction of the curved roof, which is thought to become a symbol, is steel, and its carriers will be resolved together with the glass facade. Roof outer covering is considered as aluminum. The inner surface of the roof will be covered with perforated metal on the insulation material with acoustic absorption feature. While waiting, visitors will be able to watch the view uninterruptedly thanks to the transparent facade. Wide eaves and vertical facade profiles will prevent the negative conditions that the sun rays will create inside the building. "The program and architecture of the new station building is aimed to be a building that is compatible with its immediate surroundings and that the residents of Bursa will be proud of."

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