Boztepeye cable car to be made

Boztepeye cable car to be made
Trabzon Municipality's 61 project, but the 1.5 years ago, the evaluation of the 'not feasible' sheltered by saying Boztepe'ya ropeway came up again.

The construction of the ropeway, which was discussed in Trabzon Municipality Assembly and was taken up with the majority of votes, accelerated to Boztepe after the hotel project.

In the 2009 elections, Boztepe is one of the 61 projects of Trabzon Municipality.

The project, which was shelved for being feasible at a council meeting held approximately 1.5 years ago, came to Trabzon Municipality Council. Omar Dayı, a member of the CHP Parliament who took the floor to discuss the construction of the cable car, said ın I regret that he came to parliament again. There's records. Not to be done. He would like to listen to the records' he said.

In the voting, it was decided that the majority of the votes should be taken to the agenda of the parliament and to talk to Boztepe. It is learned that the cable car will be on the agenda again due to the lack of 5 star hotel and highway to be built in Boztepe.

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