Beşiktaş football players enjoy the cable car and Beşiktaş Austria Camp

Beşiktaş Austria camp: In Beşiktaş, footballers climbed the Alp Mountain at an altitude of 2 meters by cable car. In Beşiktaş, which continues its seasonal preparations in the Austrian town of Lienz, players had fun by climbing the Alp Mountain at an altitude of 778 meters by cable car and going down with an electric sled after the morning training.

Luna-Bergbahn facilities luna parks moving on the curved rails like the electric wagons reminiscent of the Rodler called down with some of the players in the sudden brake braking forced friends to leave behind caused interesting images. Since the driver controls the speed of the vehicle on a single electric sled, the players collide with each other for the occasional fun, causing chain accidents. It was observed that some of the players who had fun with the ropeway and electric sled for two hours made a few tickets and landed again and again.

Coach Slavan Bilic did not participate in the players' cable car and skid fun. The players in black and white were accompanied by coaches, supplies and other club staff.


At the request of Slavan Bilic, coach of the Austrian camp of the team in black and white, 2. It was reportedly extended to August.

Besiktas will make three more preparatory matches during this time. Black and white, 24 in July, Azerbaijan's Simurg team will meet at the Dolamiten Stadium in the town of Lienz. Lindsberg in Villach'de 27 team will face the UK's Southhamton team in July, 31 in July, Italy's Palermo team will compete in the same stat in the fifth preparatory match.

The Austrian camp in final preparation match in August 2 Lachin team will play with Besiktas football team from Albania, Austria will leave the same day after the match to return to Turkey.

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