Accident in Başakşehir Metro, 1 dead

Başakşehir Metro accident, 1 dead: Başakşehir Metro in the maintenance of the escalators of electric workers allegedly lost their lives.

Allegedly, the worker named Muhammet Cinemre came to Başak Konutları Metro Station in the morning to maintain the escalators. While working, the young who fell into electric current, fell to the ground. Cinemre was taken to Basaksehir State Hospital after the first intervention of the medical staff who came to the scene. Despite all the interventions made here, the body of the young man who could not be saved was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy.

Muhammet Cinemre, who lives in Yalova with his family, learned that he came to Istanbul 8 months ago to pay his debts. Young people engaged in electrical work, living alone in Avcılar said. Zeki Dumlu, the brother-in-law of the young man awaiting the completion of the proceedings at the Forensic Medicine Institute, said: They say electricity, but the exact report will be apparent after 3 months. He was involved in electrical work. She couldn't find a job in Yalova, she came here. He was in trouble. He came here and took the house, then came this job. Buraya

Dumlu stated that they will sue if there is negligence in the incident, dava There is an elderly mother crippled, his father offended. Their condition is bad. He came here for the bread money, and that's what happened to him. They called us and said it was an accident, "he said. Self-reported after the autopsy of the body of the Forensic Medicine Institute, Yalova was learned to be buried. The investigation was started.

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