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1st Quality Silent Asphalt to Atatürk Street: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe made examinations in Atatürk Street, which was closed to traffic for a short time due to the asphalting works.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that the work on the T-1 tram line is continuing, and the activities related to the reorganization of the infrastructure and superstructure, especially the building facades, are continuing at full speed. Reminding that Atatürk Street was one of the places where the arrangements were made, various deficiencies were completed one by one with the renovations of the building facade on Atatürk Street, President Altepe said, “The floor covering and asphalt processes of Atatürk Street have been completely renewed. For the first time in its history, Atatürk Street has been fully organized with its infrastructure. " he spoke.

Mayor Altepe, who said that they have started by digging the existing asphalt and adding a protection layer on the normal asphalt and throwing the first quality asphalt called 'silent asphalt' on Atatürk Street, said, “After many years, Bursa has achieved quality asphalt with Atatürk Street. Maybe we gave some trouble to our people, but we got a quality, functional asphalt. Traffic is open now, Atatürk Street is free for use from now on. Our people can use our street with peace of mind. Good luck for our Bursa. " He spoke in the form.


At the thousand 200-meter section, starting from the front of Zafer Plaza to the intersection of Cumhuriyet Caddesi, the asphalt surface was milled with a slope and the deformed surface. The damaged road infrastructure under the old asphalt was dug by 40 centimeter depth by the municipal teams and the necessary infrastructure works and line displacement procedures were completed. Later, the road infrastructure was rebuilt by making the basic fill. Following the Plent Mix Basic application of the new road infrastructure by the contractor firm teams, road renewal and asphalt pavement works were completed with the application of Bituminous Basic Asphalt Layer, Binder Asphalt Layer and the last layer of Modified Bitumen Based Abrasion Layer with 1 slope with% 1 slope. 3 excavation team and 3 asphalt pavement team, 90 personnel, 2 personnel, 180 shifts and 1,5 shifts took part in 6 shifts. 250 thousand 6 cubic meter excavation and 850 bin 6 tone basic filling operation was performed. 780 bin XNUMX tonic, the binder is poured on the modified abrasive asphalt.

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