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Asphalt Studies Drivers Ransacked

The asphalt work on the T1 tram line has ruined the drivers. 5 minutes of the road in half an hour, indicating that the drivers, the work wanted to be done at night.

The first phase of the asphalt renovation works on the T1 tram line started from Heykel. On the first day of the 25-day asphalt renewal work, the drivers were enraged. Citizens who went to Atatürk Street to go to work in the morning encountered heavy traffic. Certain stages will be closed to traffic during asphalt works on the street where traffic flow is provided in a controlled manner. The fact that the traffic flow will be directed to alternative routes makes citizens who will get on all public transportation vehicles such as buses, minibuses and shuttles, it makes people think.

Stating that their work, which also affects the traffic on Altıparmak and Haşim İşcan Street, can be done at night, the drivers said that they could not travel the 5-minute road in 35 minutes.

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