Transportation to Arifiye District Caused by Fast Train Operation

bilecik arifiye railway line reopened to train traffic
bilecik arifiye railway line reopened to train traffic

📩 22/10/2023 07:14

Neighborhoods and villages with a population of approximately 15 thousand, which were later included in Arifiye District, complain about not being able to go to the district center. While private public buses, which previously entered the District Governorate building in Arifiye district center, cannot enter the district center due to the road closure due to the work on the high-speed train line, the failure to create an alternative road subsequently causes the residents of the neighborhood and village, where approximately 15 thousand people live, to be unable to go to the district.


Vatandaş When we have business with the District Governor or the Municipality, we first have to go to Adapazarı and then to Arifiye. The road we take is a separate worry. Until 2 week ago, we had buses going directly to the district but due to the train lines, the road was closed and the buses could not enter the district center. Village buses cannot use the new terminal route. A second road alternative has not been created by the municipality, which makes us victims. ”

Fikret Çetin, the headman of the Kirazca neighborhood, said: mahalle We are victims of the districts and villages. We cannot go to the district center when we have business with official offices. Because our buses cannot enter the district center in any way. 10 - 15 has a thousand population. And these people certainly have jobs in government offices or district centers, and thereafter. How do we get to the county center? I told the mayor about it and he said don't involve me. To whom do we pass our problem? If this problem is not solved, we will move the issue to our Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu. I believe that Zeki President will solve this problem ”.

Mukhtar Çetin said, “While the neighborhoods and villages that were included later could not benefit from any services other than the garbage collection service of Arifiye Municipality, this happened to us. But there is an election soon. He expressed his reaction by saying, "No one should have any doubt that we will respond to these people who ignore these citizens at the ballot box." – Ada Postası

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