Antalya Rail system route will be opened to vehicle traffic

Antalya rail system route will be opened to the vehicle traffic: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is preparing for a big touch in the light rail route of Sharampol, Ismet Pasha and Ali Cetinkaya streets. The route separated by curb stones and barriers will be reduced to the same level as the asphalt and the streets will be offered to the common use of pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department Director Emin Pehlivan, Turkey and said they were examining examples of light rail systems in major cities around the world. Good examples of the system, especially in urban centers, the light rail system for preferring the road application describing Pehlivan, the system as a part of the daily traffic evaluated by the car, bicycle, pedestrian traffic, such as moving with other elements passed.


Emin Pehlivan stated that their aim is a new traffic arrangement in Şarampol, İsmet Paşa and Ali Çetinkaya streets in the light rail system route in this framework, and said, “We consider the route of the light rail system into the normal flow of traffic. But he added that there were many factors that could affect the study.

One of the biggest obstacles to the Metropolitan Municipality is the conditions of the loan used during the construction of the light rail system. Head of Department Pehlivan emphasized that the working procedures and principles of the system are determined in the loan agreement provided by the World Bank and sponsored by the Treasury, and that less travels are not possible. Stating that the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) should also make a decision regarding this arrangement, Pehlivan said, “We aim to examine all factors one by one and create a project”.

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