Akbulut: Imagine rail system for Tekirdag

Akbulut: The rail system is not a dream for Tekirdağ: AK Party Tekirdağ Deputy T. Ziyaeddin Akbulut said that they will definitely win the metropolitan municipality in Tekirdağ in the local elections to be held next year, thus crowning the services provided to the city during the AK Party rule.

Deputy Akbulut, who visited Trakya Journalists Union President Naci Akyazı, gave instructions to the Provincial Environment Director, whom Trakya Newspaper brought to the agenda for the first time in Tekirdağ and called the Karaidemir Village residents quarry rebellion by phone, to examine the issue. Stating that if they take the Metropolitan Municipality, Tekirdağ will meet with the services and projects that will step up, Akbulut said, “There is a huge difference between what was discussed as (problem) in Tekirdağ 10 years ago and what is discussed today. If a problem like 'Kumbağ junction' has been solved in this city, believe me, the rail system is not a dream. ”Deputy Akbulut, drawing attention to the magnitude of the actions carried out in Tekirdağ, said,“ The Kumbağ intersection caused the deaths of many people. Who took care of this? You will see the metropolitan after you get it; We will bring the rail system, underground passages and sea bus services to this city. " he spoke.

Emphasizing that the rail system is not a dream for Tekirdağ, Akbulut continued as follows: “The issues that came to me (as a problem) while talking here today; 'lightings', 'establishment of green wave system'. Were these the topics that were discussed 10 years ago? It was said (We want university), (We want natural gas), look at where we are now. Thank goodness.

Akbulut also called the Provincial Police Chief Ali Yılmaz during the meeting and asked whether Akyazı's "Green Wave" proposal could be established.

Police Chief Yılmaz, in the information he gave to Akbulut on the phone, said that if the vehicles go at a certain speed, the system that helps to reduce the traffic congestion by passing through the coastal route quickly without getting caught in the red light can be established in Tekirdağ and they will work on this.

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