Afyonkarahisara Rail System Should Come Now

It must come Afyonkarahisara Rail System: Afyonkarahisar who is also a description of the work of the municipal Turkey Kamu-Sen Provincial Representative Erol Özsoy; “Municipalities have to do pavement works, road works, afforestation and greening activities naturally,” he said. Özsoy continued: belediye A municipality in Tanzania is also doing this. The same services are offered in Ankara and Eskişehir. There is no point in exaggerating these services. The important thing is to modernize Afyonkarahisar by taking Eskişehir as a model. Our city has the appearance of a bazaar center village. The rail system should now be applied to Afyonkarahisar. None of the governments that have come to date has received an investment that concerns the entire population of Afyonkarahisar. Long Bazaar needs to expand. In order to eliminate the traffic in our city, the roads in the city center need to be expanded. Even some blocks should be completely removed. The warehouse needs to be reorganized. It must be arranged in the same way Yesilyol'unu. At least up to Ahmet Necdet Sezer Campus, a one-way rail system should be installed ”.

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