Completing an Overpass in Izbanda

Completing an Overpass in Izbanda
On the Aliağa-Menderes line, the 18 pedestrian overpass has been opened and the 6 overpass is continuing its project works. The Metropolitan Municipality has started the tender work for the pedestrian overpass which will provide the connection between Buca Çaldıran District and 19 Mayıs neighborhood.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the largest public transport project in the history of the Republic of Aliağa-Menderes-İZBAN in the suburban line, to facilitate crossing the citizens of each point in order to facilitate the work continues to provide pedestrian crossing. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been commissioned by making 18 pieces pedestrian upper and lower passages at required points, continues its project works at 6 crossing.

Metropolitan is preparing to establish the 24 pedestrian overpass on the line for connection between Buca Çaldıran and 19 Mayıs District. The preliminary project was completed and the tender project for the implementation project was started.

The pedestrian overpass, which will be constructed with fixed stairs and lifts, will be constructed between Çaldıran District 433 Street and 19 Mayıs district 2252 Street and will provide the citizens with a comfortable and safe crossing. Pedestrian overpass with elevator will provide great convenience especially for elderly and disabled citizens.

18 pedestrian overpass was put into service

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality so far; Monopoly Housing 2. Main Jet Base region, Balatcik 8788 Street, Akincilar District Heroes, Semikler, Nine September, Seyhan, Major Reşat Bey, Küçükada, Çınarlı 1561 Street, New Airport Street, Gaziemir 337-352 Street intersection, Menemen Asarlık, Alaybey Health Center and Koyundere 100 with pedestrian overpass in Fuat Edip Baksi neighborhoods. Street, Seyhan Mahmudiye İnkılap (638-645 street), front of the Ulku Cinema and Ulukent 8764 / 1 (10014) Street pedestrian underpass was put into service.

6 pedestrian crossing in line

The Metropolitan Municipality also continues to carry out projects and tenders to make the pedestrian overpass on the 6 point on the İZBAN line: Nergis, Çiğli 8786 Street, Çiğli Yeni Mahallesi 1671 Street, 10004 street, Buca 433 and Cengiz Topel Primary School pedestrian overpass.

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