Accident service in Spain

Accident wake-up service in Spain: An important task ahead of us is to reconsider the risks in these lines. What are the turns in the lines? What is the number of cross-sections to be checked and what is the density between two points? These issues need to be studied in detail. Otherwise in Japan, in Spain; There is no need to go away.

Assoc. Dr. Metin Senbil graduated from METU Department of City and Regional Planning in 1995. In 1998 he received his master's degree in the same department. In 2003 he received his PhD in urban transport from Kyoto University; is an expert in transportation. He worked in Hiroshima University until 2008. Since 2008, he has been teaching in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Gazi University. He is a visiting scholar at Arizona State University.

While Turkey is eagerly awaiting the arrival of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) all over the country, YHT, which is heading towards the town of Santiago de Compostela, which is the hometown of the current Spanish Prime Minister, is derailing. We are saddened to receive the news that two floors were injured. This quaint Galicia town, which is also a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is the last point where St. Jacob's roads meet in Europe, and 78 is also home to St. Jacob's Day in July; It is an unusual town for the Christian world. Those who lost their lives were probably the ones who wanted to join the beautiful event of this extraordinary town, the most precious pearl of St. Jacob's way.

Expectation theory
Train accidents also attracted attention such as plane accidents, Pamukova disaster was spoken much, but quickly forgotten. Each plane or train accident causes the person to think of a cold sweat just because it brings death to death in such an accident. Increasing (or exaggerating) the possibilities is a human behavior, and has a significant impact on decision making processes. The airplane crash in San Francisco turned out to be a pilot error, and our suspicions were confirmed. Because the transportation sector has made significant improvements in security in recent decades. Electronic communication and control systems, as well as location and scanning technologies, moreover cybernetic transportation systems in all kinds of media türlü normal course ah where the possibility of moving the unmanned. When the normal course is mentioned, it is necessary to take a look at the cruise altitude in the airways, the outward navigation in the seaways and the straight sections in the railways. When a plane landed at the airport, or when it is prepared to get up, when a ship approaches the harbor or when it enters a railway station it is necessary to control the human. What's more, when you have to maneuver these means of transport, you need to control the human being again. Human control must sometimes be passive and sometimes active. Observe during passive control and intervene; in active control, the speed and direction are checked by the operator.

Automation and human
Speed ​​and direction (automatically supplied by the rails) are controlled during turns on railway journeys. In fact, the control here is half-way, there is also control of the infrastructure besides human control; therefore the remaining control to the operator is only speed. The speed in the railways varies with the turning angles of the rails, divided according to the sections. The more frequent turns on conventional lines (min. 200 km / h.) Are reduced on high speed lines (min. 250 km / h). Because, (half) requires active control, the turns constitute an important item in terms of safety of high-speed trains. As a matter of fact, the accident in Spain happened during a return and 78 lost the lives of innocent people.

106 was dead
In Japan, where the world's safest train operations have been carried out for a long time, the conventional or even accident carrying passengers between North Kyoto and Osaka has been a turn during the 2005 year. In order to comply with the timeframe, the young driver who did not go to the reduction (due to the moment given by the rails) caused the death of 106 by his own life.
Where do we come from here? It is important: Human makes mistakes, it is important to minimize the risks that cause these errors. An important task ahead of us is to review the risks in these lines when we greet the YHTs with great enthusiasm. What are the turns in the lines? What is the number of cross-sections to be checked and what is the density between two points? These issues need to be studied in the finest detail. Otherwise in Japan, in Spain; There is no need to go away.

This is a warning to us
Expropriations, sometimes cases, sensitive and protected areas at other times; firstly, topography, ground properties, taking into account the “office“ lines are changed later causes. An important two-way problem must be answered here: How much are the changes that occur in the lines designed with safety in mind, how much it threatens navigational safety, and the reasons why these changes are unchanged in the face of security vulnerability? Let's get to the point. Many more lines and when the project planning phase, four on one side and Turkey will connect the new economy that will enable us to step into our YHT Hatları'nın to minimize security risks to Spain is a wake-up call.


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