Sincan-Kayaş Suburban Expeditions Enjoyed Capitalists

Sincan-Kayaş Suburban Expeditions Enjoyed the Capitals: Ankara residents got back to the suburbs after two years. Expeditions, the citizens of the Sincan-Kayaş line of delights.
All new and air-conditioned trains run an 154 trip between Sincan and Kayaş. 10 trains run every 15 minutes during the peak hours, 31 minutes between Sincan and Ankara, 22 minutes between Ankara and Kayas and 53 minutes at the same time.

AA correspondents, commuter trains as of yesterday, the Sincan-Kayaş line began to travel with passengers in the route took their impressions.

Akın Ateş, one of the passengers going from Kayaş to Sincan, said that the trains that could not serve due to road construction works created great difficulties for the citizens.

Referring to the fact that the railway offers a very good opportunity for travel, Ateş said, “The commencement of suburban trains again after 2 years is an extraordinary development, we need to know the value of this. "We must protect the suburban trains, keep them clean and not allow them to be damaged," he said.

- "More beautiful, cool and comfortable"

Türkan Savaş, one of the commuter train passengers, drew attention to the difficulties experienced by her children while commuting to and from work when the suburban trains were not in service and said, “My children are late for work because the buses are full, or they come home too late because they cannot find a bus until late after work,” he said.

He said that he was very happy that the suburban trains were in service again and that the new trains were much more beautiful, cool and comfortable than the old ones.

- "We missed the commuter trains so much"

Serdar Eroğlu also stated that he had been waiting for a lot of buses and minibuses, especially at the exit of office hours, in 2 years, and that he often left standing. Stating that he misses the suburban trains very much, Eroğlu said, “You can travel between Kayaş and Sincan very comfortably. "Nothing gives the comfort of the train, great service for the citizen, we are very pleased."

- "It was very big missing"

İsmail Ergün underlined that suburban flights have become a necessity for Ankara and said, “There is no other means of transportation that can take the residents of Sincan to the other end of Ankara by one means. The trains have also been renewed, all of them are air-conditioned, the quality of service has improved compared to the old one. "Commuter trains are really a transportation worthy of Ankara in its final form," he said.

Harun Gök, who traveled from Sincan to Kayaş, said, “The failure of suburban trains on the Kayaş-Sincan line was a huge deficiency. New trains are more beautiful, good luck to our people. We are pleased with suburban flights, a very nice service ”.

Nejla Gök, on the other hand, emphasized that he welcomed the commencement of the commuter trains to be put into service again and said “It is much better to travel by train in the capital city where the traffic is intense”.

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