The World's Longest Cable Car Is Being Built by LEITNER Ropeways in Bursa

Uludag Cable Car
Uludag Cable Car

It will now connect Bursa to Uludağ with a facility of approximately nine kilometers in length with the 45 mast and 1.400 meter level difference, or the longest cable car in the world! The system will present the new industrial standards to the taste of the visitors and provide a comfortable driving pleasure for locals and tourists.

one of Turkey's largest ski resorts are located in Uludag. The cable car system consisting of 9 passenger cabins with a length of approximately 8 and three separate systems will take over from the old 50 cable car and 4.5 annually. In the past, visitors had to complete the last part of their trip, which reached the hotels and ski resorts, by taxi or buses. Soon, the new ropeway system from Teferrüç valley station, Kadıyayla and Sarıalan stops ahead, cable car journeys in the Hotel Zone will be able to terminate without the need for a taxi or bus. Thus, access to the entertainment area from Bursa will be available in approximately 30 minutes. Apart from the winter season, access to the National Park area, which is a remarkable resting area in the region, will also be provided easily from Bursa.

Last week, city residents a special heavy-lift helicopters, which Heliswiss, the fourth largest city in Turkey, having watched flying over Bursa. The transportation of the materials and the installation of the poles were made by helicopter. During this summer, the people of Bursa and tourists will start enjoying the world's longest cable car. Further comfort, less time and access to Uludağ without getting caught in Uludağ are the most important benefits of the new facility. The stations are designed by the architect Yamaç Korfalı, who previously worked with Zaha Hadid from London.

The new ropeway system offers new benefits in both tourism and urban structuring.

The sub-station of the GD8 project is the 395 meter and the upper station is at the height of the 1.800 meter. The system will be supported by 45 mast. The construction work of the state-of-the-art cable car with the capacity to carry the 174 per hour is carried out by Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. It has been installed.

The new Bursa cable car is regarded as both an urban and touristic facility. For the locals, it will increase the quality of transportation between the city and recreation areas and there will be a different experience opportunity for tourists, offering a magnificent Bursa view.

Ski center and National Park areas also attract the attention of the residents of Istanbul. Transportation from the Bosphorus Metropolis to Bursa is provided by a two-hour drive.

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