Kayseri Chamber of Industry President: Kayseri will remain in the class if there is no high-speed train

Revolt of Kayseri Chamber of Industry High Speed ​​Train Project: Kayseri Chamber of Industry (KAYSO) Chairman Mustafa Boydak made remarkable statements about high speed train. Describing the high-speed train as "election propaganda", Boydak stated that the statements made by the first dialects were not correct. "If there is no high-speed train, Kayseri will stay in the classroom," Boydak said.

Answering the criticisms brought to Kayseri on the subjects such as low export figures and not being able to produce value added products compared to rival cities, Boydak said, “We should not leave ourselves breathless by setting big targets”.

In his interview published in a newspaper, Mustafa Boydak pointed out that the stardom of a city can be achieved with easy access to that city, and said: “Kayseri's main problem is not being involved in high-speed train project. Election propaganda was made, first hand statements were made, we ignored, the project was drawn, but it was not correct. If a high-speed train project is not made, Kayseri remains in the classroom and loses its charm. The basis for the stardom of a city is the easy access to that city. Highways infrastructure is not bad, but double-pass roads, including the Ankara road, are being maintained, are being built again, and the problem increases even further when traveling east from Kayseri. no. These double roads have to be smartly overhauled and constantly updated. Our Kayseri airport is nice today, it has facilities, but if the city has high potential, passenger capacity increases by 40-50 percent, it is difficult for our current airport to respond. Either a military expansion or a new airport project needs to be put on the agenda. The subject we are particularly interested in is high speed train. The high-speed train must pass through Kayseri. Elections are coming in the coming periods. We will focus on this issue. Kayseri is a city that has given much support to the government. The mathematics of this project passing through Kayseri is not wrong either.

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