Izban expedition in the menemen due to fire

📩 27/11/2018 17:32

Izban Expeditions in Menemen Due to Fire Missed: Due to a fire in the Menemen region, it was reported that İZBAN flights were made from a single line between Menemen and Ulukent.

In the statement made by İZBAN, it was stated that there were disruptions in İZBAN flights due to the fire of TCDD's transformer center in the Menemen region. It was noted that the trains between Menemen-Ulukent did not run for 8.45 minutes starting from 15 in the region, where a power outage was applied for a while due to the fire that the firefighters intervened.

In the statement, it was also stated that the transformer center became active again as of 9.00:XNUMX and the voyages continue on a single line between Menemen-Ulukent.

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