Bursa traffic breathes if the Rail System can be used efficiently

If the Rail System can be used efficiently, Bursa traffic will breathe: To whom in Bursa “what is the biggest problem of the city?” If you ask, the first answer you will get is obvious: the traffic problem. At certain points in the city, traffic turns into a nightmare, especially during commute and arrival times. Even though the blow-outs in recent years have prevented us from experiencing an even bigger nightmare, it has not been fully medicated.

Since Bursa is a historical city, the city center has grown extremely unplanned and is stuck in a narrow area with its own unscheduled situation. Since a new city center could not be created, it is really difficult to find a solution between the old city center, namely Heykel-Altıparmak-Kent Square and Çekirge districts. Since there was more planned construction in the West and East neighborhoods of Bursa, the problem is experienced less.

Although the investments to solve the traffic in Bursa in the past years have gained speed, it is obvious that it is too late and not enough for a solution. First of all, the Metro, which is called the Light Rail System, and the Bat-Exits built have been able to breathe the traffic a little bit. However, when compared to the traffic-solving investments made in big cities such as Ankara or Izmir, it will be seen that not much can be done in Bursa.

Now, a completely different investment comes to Bursa in this regard. The locally produced Rail System, which will start between Sculpture-City Square and Altıparmak, can breathe into the old city center if it can be used efficiently. But there is a condition for this.

If you go to that area today, you'll see that most of the cars in traffic are full. In big cities, especially city centers, there is no such method of comfortable transportation. Traveling with vehicles that can carry a maximum of 4 people is of course very enjoyable and comfortable for all of us, but this is also why the traffic significantly. The new railway system is planned to be lifted, which is the sine qua non of the new system. After taking off the minibuses, public transportation on this route will become an obligation. Those who do not want to give up their comfort can also use a taxi. Thus, a serious vehicle will be drawn from the urban traffic.

One of the most important projects that will relieve Bursa's traffic was the "City Square" project. But unfortunately, when the project was completed, its name turned into "Kent Meydani AVM". Thus, Bursa lost its chance to win a square, which was its biggest shortcoming, and to create a main traffic line for the city center. This was a great opportunity for Bursa, but by building a shopping mall in that area, Bursa lost this great opportunity.

In the Eastern part of the city, although the subway, which reaches to Arabayatağı, the section up to Kestel is very little opened, the traffic crush is experienced due to the fact that the minibuses are still running javelin there. On this road, which is normally made without any problems, the passenger grabbing races of minibuses with each other and waiting in unusual places create traffic in the region. The minibuses that line up to pick up passengers under Uluyol try to hurry the next by honking their turn, and when it comes to them, they linger in a similar way. Then they make half of the road going from the right at a speed of 20 km per hour, and after a certain point, the journey begins in full throttle head seat. These are just a few of the reasons why people react so much to minibuses.

West of the city is a complete torment. The traffic that reaches the stop-and-go level in both İzmir and Mudanya Road in the mornings turns into a nightmare for novices. An important reason for this is that vehicles turning right turn left, and vehicles turning left turn right. Although the Acemler bridge intersection is the best project for the region, it is a fact that it is not a panacea.

Source: Barbaros Koçanalı - I www.bursadabugun.co



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