Train Tickets in Germany

Train Tickets in Germany
German Railways (WB) are already determined to further increase the price of expensive tickets.

Indicating the increase in the cost burden due to the expected increase until the end of the year, DB Chief Rudiger Grube said that the increasing costs due to the electricity generated from renewable energy and the recent collective bargaining were effective in increasing prices. Grube, the price increases can not be ignored these reasons expressed.

Those who want to find out how much the increase in prices will wait for the fall. In the first months of the year, the high-speed train ICE fleet had moved to renewable electricity.

The Green Party reacted to price increases. "The Renewable Energy Resources Act (EEG) was an excuse for Grube to raise prices," said Oliver Krischer, the party's energy expert. Krischer said that the DB did not have to pay a large amount of money under the EEG. Ischer For this, domestic electricity consumers will have to pay 230 million Euros every year. Mr. Grube, despite his new eco-image, was tied to expensive and uneconomical coal-fired power plants, which would undermine the German railways' balance sheet. Yeni

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