UK Transport Department Agrees 1.2 Billion with Hitachi Rail System

British Shipping Agency signs 1.2 billion pounds with Hitachi Rail System: The British Shipping Agency 'The Department of Transport' (DTF) has agreed with the Hitachi Group for £ 1.2 billion, asking for passenger train vehicles to be used in Britain's busiest intercity routes. The lines connecting the east coast lines London, Newcastle and Aberden are expected to be used in 2018.

Europe Hitachi Ray (Hitachi Rail Europe) has stated that they will build 270 Class 800 train wagons for Britain. DFT's acceptance of this contract came after Hitachi and its international association Agility Trains made last year orders with 596 wagons. "This new class of 800 serial orders was made for government investment and infrastructure regulation," said Secretary of Transport Patrick McLoughlin. said.

While the latest wagon is planned to be used by 2019, it is stated that the investment will increase by 18 percent and travel time will decrease between London, Leeds, Newcastle and Scotland.

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