AK Party Deputy Elvan Karaman spoke about railway investments

AK Party Deputy Elvan Karaman spoke about the investments in the railway: AK Party deputies from Karaman Lütfi Elvan and Mevlüt Akgün and Mayor Kamil Uğurlu evaluated the investments made in Karaman.

Parliament Member of Parliament Plan and Budget Commission AK Party Karaman Deputy Lütfi Elvan said, “Karaman has turned into a construction site. The investments made by our municipality, including public investments of our ministries, are like a construction site across Karaman especially in the last year. Karaman in the next 1-1 years, I believe in the future in a position to be an example for all of Turkey. Currently, investments are continuing rapidly. As Karaman, we do not have a serious financial problem. Karaman is one of our provinces that stand out primarily in large investment projects. Our ministries are doing whatever we have requested so far. We do not have a serious problem in this regard. However, there are some delays in our auctions. This is due to the problems experienced in bureaucracy. As two deputies, we follow these investments exactly. The most important sector that can pave the way for Karaman is the transportation sector. The more we strengthen the connection of Karaman with other provinces, the faster the development of Karaman will be. Transportation is one of the primary sectors we focus on. When we look at investments today, transportation investments are taking the biggest cake. At the moment, we have a transportation investment of approximately 2 quadrillion in Karaman. The high-speed train was put out to tender. In the program of 1.5, Konya, Karaman and İçel high speed train line project was obviously not included. However, with our initiatives, we have brought this forward and realized its tender. In 2023, we aim to bid for the high-speed train route between Karaman and Ulukışla. We will have realized the high speed train project before 2014, if nothing goes wrong. This will allow Karaman to open up to the Mediterranean and to other provinces in Central Anatolia, especially Ankara. One of the most important pillars of this high speed train project is that it includes not only passengers but also freight transport. "The issue that is important for us in the high-speed train will be to reduce the cost of the cargo to be transferred from the Organized Industrial Zone to Icel Port."

Source : I beyazgazete.co

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