73 Years ago Kozluda Demirci Deli Salih Uba's Local Locomotive (Special Report)

73 Year ago Kozluda Demirci Deli Salih Master's Locomotive
Salih Sandıkçı master, other nicknames “Deli Salih-Sağır Salih Sand. The nickname ında mad ”does not mean kara mentally handicapped değil but lü black-eye insel. 1900 was born in Trabzon. No reading, but he's very stubborn. A master who knows how to give water to steel. One of the masters who was thrilled to be able to shape and shape her as a child if she had passed a piece of iron. Before the mines were nationalized, Salih worked with Italian and French masters, and after the mines became national, he started to work as a blacksmith in Ereğli Kömürleri İşletmesi (EKİ). Of course, it is not important whether those who will work at that time are literate or not, but what is important is the mastery of dexterity. Salih is one of these skillful masters.
In the years when everything was imported from outside and the mines were newly nationalized, Demirci Deli Salih usta from Kozlu region made a local locomotive. Salih master, scrap as a piece of machinery thrown away as a piece, "State gives them the new world to give them the new money I work as a locomotive," he starts to work. Of course before the period EKİ General Manager Ihsan Soyak, "work outside the workplace for the work allowed for such a study," he wants and permission is received. Salih master is starting to work. At that time no oxygen or electrode welding, hydraulic iron bending-cutting machines. After cutting iron, they are cut with chisels or with thick iron shears. Addition operations; as a result of the two pieces of iron to be thoroughly agitated on each other. To drill holes, we're individual-don't drill, they have small mechanical hand individualizations but don't drill. The iron to be pierced is drilled and drilled with another iron. Under these circumstances, the Salih master builds the locomotive, which he collects from his junkyard and produces many pieces. Doing but work; they are being sabotaged by those who are not pleased with this work.
The day after all the work has ended, Salih Usta reports to the General Manager that he has completed his work and will start the locomotive in the morning. The next day, General Manager Ihsan Soyak and Zonguldak team meet in Kozlu. It's a excitement for everyone, and they're there who aren't happy about it.
Master Salih kazanburns the gold and throws the coal kazanThe water in the water boils and turns into Steam-steam, when the steam reaches a certain pressure, Master Salih gives way to the locomotive, but the locomotive does not work. EKİ General Manager İhsan Soyak and other bureaucrats present there mockingly look at Master Salih. İhsan Soyak fines Master Salih for wasting EKİ's materials and time, even if it is scrap.
Of course, Salih is sure of his work. That afternoon and the next day until the next day, the new mining engineer and Salih master's daughter, the new fiancé of Zonguldak with the unforgettable Mayor Hüseyin Öztek together with all the mechanical parts of the pipes are filled with sand are seen. They clean these sands and reassemble all the pieces until dawn and give way to the locomotive.
The steam locomotive made by Salih master, who is in a similar cargo area, is now given a plate number 30. This locomotive drew from the 1941 to 1970 until the end of Kozlu and Üzülmezden full of coal wagons and empty wagons and Payton (a kind of passenger car) used in the transport of workers from Kozlu-Zonguldak, Uzulmez-Zonguldak. The locomotive was deactivated at the beginning of the 80 and was scrapped. Nowadays the locomotive in the cargo area has been imported from abroad and similar in the same years.
My health Salih master. In this work we will remember you and our greatest supporter, moral source, the groom, the late Mayor of Zonguldak, Mr. Hüseyin Öztek, as Zonguldelaklar.

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