The channel is rich with Istanbul 3 neighborhood

The channel is rich with Istanbul 3 neighborhood
The route of Kanal Istanbul and the new settlements to be built on the route became clear.
The 44 will be established in two cities on the 325 thousand acres. 3. The bridge and the new airport will be the 12 bridge on the connected channel. On the two sides of the canal, there will be a financial center, residences, view terraces and training areas.

Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning instructions Channel in one of Turkey's leading companies in the project prepared by the 44 kilometer-long project of 325 thousand hectares in Istanbul established two cities.

In addition, it is planned to build 12 bridges connecting the two sides on the canal. The project, which will be on the Küçükçekmece - Başakşehir - Arnavutköy line, includes a giant port on the Black Sea axis where the 3rd Airport is located, Airport City, as well as luxury residences, residences, financial centers, villas in the forest area, viewing terraces, training areas on both sides of the canal. will be.


The 3rd Bridge route, whose construction has started, passes through the Arnavutköy - Karaburun axis where the Air Port City will be built in the project area, also known as the Northern Marmara Highway, and connects to Thrace from the Durusu, Çatalca region. In the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports prepared, it was calculated that half of the 5 billion cubic meters of excavation to be made during the construction works of the project will be used in the filling of the airport project. One of the most important reasons for choosing the region is that Küçükçekmece Lake will also include the Sazlıdere Dam. The dam is a long area on the lake axis in the form of a valley. Serious excavation work will be carried out on an area of ​​only 21 kilometers in Kanal Istanbul. The places painted in yellow on the prepared map were marked as high and low-density residences, orange villas with viewing terraces in the forest, and brown places as hotels and tourism areas. The giant project is expected to be announced by Prime Minister Erdogan next month, after the Ministry's latest regulations and infrastructure works.

The exact route of Canal Istanbul will be located on the axis of Yeniköy - Sazlıdere Dam - Arnavutköy - Başakşehir - Küçükçekmece Lake. In the new map captured by SABAH, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization related to the Reserve Areas to be established in the region, State Hydraulic Works (DSI), Mass Housing Administration (TOKI), Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Kanal Istanbul project will pass Küçükçekmece, Arnavutköy and He sent a letter to Başakşehir Municipalities and requested them to convey their work on the 4-50-year approach plans to be made on the axis to the ministry. After the relevant institutions sent their work in the region to the ministry, the final touches on the Kanal Istanbul project began. In line with the opinions and information received by the Ministry, the button was pressed for a hundred thousand scale zoning plan. The most important reason for the Ministry to choose this route is that almost 100 percent of the land on the canal axis belongs to the treasury. Thus, the expropriation cost and other costs will be lower.

The most important pillar of the project, which is planned to be made 25-30 meters deep and 200 meters wide, is the expropriation and expropriation work. Altıntepe, Güvercintepe and Şahintepe neighborhoods of Başakşehir, which are located between Küçükçekmece Lake and Sazlıdere Dam, where impossible and illegal housing is most intense. Fortune landed in these three neighborhoods, which are the front of the canal. Land prices have skyrocketed in the region extending from Durusu, Haraççı, Bolluca, which are both here and on the channel axis, to Tayakadın and then to the Black Sea. Turkey's land, while many leading companies from these regions, some of which appeared to land hunt. Luxury marinas will be established at the northern and southern ends of Kanal Istanbul. The pollution in Küçükçekmece Lake caused by both construction and groundwater will also disappear.

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