There is no shortage of funding for 3.Köprü and 3.

There is no shortage of funding for 3.Köprü and 3.
The Fed has confused the world: Dollar has jumped all over the world, interest has increased. The question to which the markets were shaken is the question that sought to:: Do the crazy projects of Istanbul suffer from financing problems? Imza Two names that signed under the billions of billions of dollars, said: yaş Our process is working within our plans, financing is provided, projects are implemented Piy

The Federal Reserve (Fed) signaled the termination of its loose monetary policy for 10. In other words, the Fed conveyed the message im I may not print any more money “to the whole world.
In this new situation, especially in developing countries where the market was hit in Turkey between them. As a result, the stock exchanges lost blood, the dollar rose, and the exit process began in interest rates. How do new market conditions affect giant investments? Yeni
Several infrastructure projects by the Ministry of Transport started several years ago. Financing agreements have already been signed. Therefore, no negative impact is expected in walking projects. At this point, the eyes are Channel Istanbul, 3. The airport and the Yavuz Sultan Selim (YSS) Bridge have been translated into projects as planned.
3. The money required for the airport is at the level of 10 billion dollars. Those who signed the giant tenders also have the same opinion:
Al Turkish banks can finance all these projects on their own, without any hardship, arı said Adnan Bali, the General Manager of Isbank, who is among the major banks to finance the Third Bridge.


Limak President Nihat Özdemir said: Lim The world is still paying money for projects. As soon as we received the tender, we started to work. We have meetings with various banks, we have contacts. Nobody is in a situation like not giving credit. Kimse Mehmet Cengiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cengiz Construction, agrees: No inconvenience. The process continues smoothly. Süreç


3 auctioned in May. 20 equity requirement was set for the airport. The award-winning Mapa-Kalyan-Limak-Cengiz-Kolin Joint Venture Group (OGG) will spend around 400 million euros per company. The amount of money required to complete the investment is about 10 billion dollars. Speaking to AKŞAM, Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir said, ak Interest rates have also increased. Everyone's costs will rise. 3. As a team to make the airport, our costs will be affected. But there is no such thing as not finding credit. Ancak


Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge called 3. Ibrahim Chechen, the President of IC Holding, who made the bridge with his Italian partner Astaldi, is also very optimistic about financing. Ibrahim Çeçen stated that the bridge, which was recently laid for a long time ago, will not have any financing problems. Just not a situation unique to Turkey, "he said and added:
We were positively affected by the increase in foreign currency as the group was our tourism. De Ibrahim Chechen also spoke about bridge financing and said, deki We were already in a study. Currently procedures are in progress. 2-3 is the result of the financing package in months. Some projects may have a shortage of funding. However, very important, efficient and big ones are not affected. There is, of course, an increase in costs Elbette.


Sword-Turkish Investment General Manager Berrin: large projects in Turkey affected by this work. As a result, the source is found and done. If the 4 used to borrow from the bank in the past, they would increase the cost to 9-10, but the cost would increase. It would not be so lucky if the tenders were made this year and the big chance for the projects to be started next year.

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