3. Airport and 3. The Bridge Will Affect These Regions!

  1. Airport and 3. The Bridge Will Affect These Regions!
    TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya, 3. airport and 3. examined the effects of bridge projects on environmental locations.
  2. One of the most important factors in determining the airport project area is the Northern Marmara Highway. The first phase of the Northern Marmara Motorway, which was tendered in May 2012, was undertaken by the İstaş Astaldı partnership. kazanThe project, which has been started to work on, is planned to be completed by 2015. This date is also stated as the date when the 3rd Airport will start operating.

3 is planned to be established in Istanbul. The new city project, which is planned to be implemented together with the airport and the airport, is located within the Arvavutköy districts located on the European side. The quarries located on the Black Sea coast of the district and extending from Yeniköy to Akpınara will be located at the airport project, and the new project areas are planned to extend to the south of the airport. 3 is the most important reason for choosing this region for location selection. The Bosphorus Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway are shown. Some of the project areas include Tayakadın, Baklalı Boyalık villages and a part of Hadımköy; The regions such as Karaköy and Durusu affected the real estate market and the sales of land in these regions increased by 40-50 levels compared to the previous year. In the regions within the project area, this increase may also increase to 100-130 levels.

  1. unlike the current urban development direction of Istanbul for the new city project, which is expected to develop with the airport project and airport; Location selection was made in north of Istanbul. The 535 thousand of the 240 thousand hectare area of ​​Istanbul is a forest area and the majority of this area is located in the north of the city. In the area of ​​Kemerburgaz, Bahçeköy, Kilyos, Demirciköy, Rumelifeneri, Zekeriyaköy and Büyükçavuşlu, and on the Asian side of the Şile Center and Alacalı Village, Riva, Ömerli and Alemdağ are the areas where the development and intensity of the area is to be controlled. The most important reason for this is the natural thresholds (water basin, forest area, etc.).

When the plan notes regarding the landscaping plan are examined, it is seen that the area where the 3rd Airport zone is planned is located in the region whose development and density should be kept under control due to the natural thresholds. Tayakadın area, which is shown as the airport project area, is a region where forest and water basins and unqualified residential settlements are seen. Tayakadın location, which is among the villages of Istanbul, has become a favorite of investors with the announcement that it will host the 3rd Airport, and it has been discussed that there are increases in land prices.

Kemerburgaz Göktürk area, which is located in the south of the area, can be shown as the new development area closest to the project area. As a matter of fact, Göktürk is one of the new settlement areas that initiates urban development in the north-west of Istanbul. Although it is close to the city center, the Göktürk region, which has been separated from its integration with the center, has attracted attention as a settlement with private vehicles. There is no railway public transport system, metro or metrobus line to provide transportation connections between this residential area and the city center. The region stands out as a region preferred by the upper income group with its tranquil life and forest air. 3. It is thought that the low-cost city center phenomenon that will occur in the region together with the airport project will also revive the Göktürk Region and make Göktürk a more central location than the current situation.

Arnavutköy, which is one of the regions where illegal housing is concentrated in Istanbul, draws attention with its proximity to the 3rd Airport and its location on the connection roads of the 3rd Bridge. The recent increases in land prices in the region are remarkable.

  1. Sarıyer, which is located on the route where the bridge will pass, is among the places that have recently made a premium. Sarıyer, seen as the strongest region in the Istanbul earthquake map, stands out as one of the most important districts of Istanbul for those who want security and luxury together. Especially the Zekeriyaköy-Uskumruköy region has increased its popularity after the construction works and tunnel construction. Poyrazköy, planned to be located on the Anatolian side of the bridge, is an old fishing village. While the lands in the village were sold for 3 TL per m2 in the past, now the price has reached up to 80 TL per m2.

Land prices in Sancaktepe, which is among the regions to be developed by the 3rd Bridge, were already in an upward trend due to the increasing housing projects in the region in recent years. The fact that the bridge is on its route has increased the importance of the region. So much so that the land m2 prices were 75-80 TL in the past, but now the prices are between 140-160 TL. It is thought that these regions, which are located near the third bridge and the third airport, will be more valuable because the transportation will be much easier. Square meter prices in the region have increased by almost twice the figures before the projects were announced.

  1. Airport and surrounding development zones

Karaburun Location

  1. the airport is located outside the project area but adjacent to the project area. The region was built in 1990 and the same zoning plans are still valid. It is stated that the land prices in the region show an increase before the airport project, but the increases in the last year were at 30-50 levels. The current land sales prices in the region are seen in the residential areas that have sea view. 600-2 TL / m450 is located in the land that does not see sea. Karaburun is not included in the project areas and is considered as one of the regions that do not have any risk. As the plans of the parts included in the project area will be made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it is stated that the land investments made in the mentioned areas may face expropriation risk in the coming period.

Yeniköy Location

Approximately 70 of Yeniköy is located within the airport project area. As of the present situation, there is no development plan in the region. In spite of this situation, the sales price requested for the field qualified properties is in the order of 250-300 TL / m2. In the region, there are fields which are not zoning but which are parceled and which are described as ”sub-parcels Böl. Despite the fact that there is no right to build, the sale price is demanded for 450-520 TL / m2 levels due to the fact that these fields are qualified. It is stated that these prices will be less than% 30 in non-seas.

Terkos- Durusu Location

The region located in the vicinity of Durusu Lake (Old Terkos Lake) is located outside the project area but adjacent to the project area. The location next to the lake has a limiting effect on the building rights. The region has a partial development plan. The planned part is located in the northern part of the lake. For the land prices in the region, the sales price is requested at 250-300 TL / m2 levels. It has been stated that for the zoned lands, in the past years, the requested price was 50-60 TL / m2. 70-100 TL / m2 cost is required for the parcels in the region. Due to the fact that the region is located within the borders of the basin, there are restrictions on opening zoning in the future. For this reason, there is little land available to invest outside the basin.

Tayakadın Mevkii

There is no 1 / 1000 scale implementation zoning plan in the project area. 1 / 5000 scale master plans of the region have been approved on 16.08.2012 date and according to this plan 1 / 1000 scale zoning plan works have been stopped. The plans of the region will be prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as it is located within the project area. It has been stated that the desired sales prices have increased to 150-200 TL / m2 levels for the unreasonable field skilled immovable in the region and prices have doubled compared to the previous year. Tayakadin is one of the regions with the highest rate of increase in price.

Baklalı-Boyalık-Yassıören Location

There is no existing zoning plan in these villages. It has been learned that 1 / 5000 scale plan studies which are being prepared in the region having 1 / 1000 scale development plan were stopped. It is stated that 30-40 TL / m2 numbers increased to 130-150 TL / m2 levels last year for the unreasonable field skilled real estates in the region.

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